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The best solution for affordable packaging? Rubber Stamps

The best solution for affordable packaging? Rubber Stamps

Quick and affordable packaging

Beautiful and unique packaging is the foundation of any great consumer brand but it is often incredibly expensive to bring your ideas to life. Custom rubber stamps are an awesome, cost-effective way to create DIY custom packaging while achieving a remarkably polished look. These are some exceptional examples of custom rubber stamps used for packaging to inspire your next project.

P&Co. Coffee Bags (above)
We absolutely love this design and execution. This beautiful and retro layout makes for an awesome coffee bag on a budget. A custom rubber stamp like this costs less than $40 but allows you or your client to create packaging on demand for years to come.

Circle 21 Candles
This is a great example of just how flexible custom rubber stamps can be. The designers at Nudge used several stamps to complement the printed labels on these candles. By using the same printed label for each candle, they are able to use a custom rubber stamp to denote the scent of each candle. This is an awesome way to blend production methods and reduce custom packaging costs. They also used a rubber stamp on the cork stopper, giving it an intentionally organic and irregular finish.


Using custom rubber stamps for packaging is great—especially when you're just starting out. Pipcorn is a young company that used rubber stamps on their first run of packaging. The rubber stamp on a simple (and inexpensive) brown paper bag makes for a fun look that still feels polished. Pipcorn eventually went on to Shark Tank and now have a presence in retail stores around the country.

Illegal Burger
Multi stamp madness! Using rubber stamps in your custom packaging doesn't mean you're limited in what you can do. This example from The Metric System shows how stamps can be used together to create engaging print effects. They used a larger stamp with red ink as a backing and then placed a smaller black stamp on top of it. This gives their custom packaging a high-end look without having to pay printing fees.

Mr. Popple's Chocolate
This is another great example of using multiple stamps to differentiate products. The designers at KO Creative used a set of stamps to denote the different chocolate flavors and convey an organic feel to the overall packaging system. Best of all, the irregularities in stamp press and placement give each bar a unique, hand-crafted feel that strengthens their brand image.

Curry Up Now
In packaging, simplicity speaks volumes. The designers from Design Womb used a custom rubber stamp on a brown paper bag to round out their design system for this SF-based Indian food truck.

Ready to make a stamp for your own packaging?

Head over to our custom rubber stamp builder and get going. We can't wait to see what you come up with.